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Sally-Anne McCormack is a Clinical Psychologist (with Ed & Dev training), former Primary School Teacher, and a mother of 4 adolescent/adult children.  She is also the author of ‘Stomp Out The ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts‘, ‘Living with ANTs‘, and the creator of a poster, ‘Which ANT Are You?‘ – all of which can be purchased here.

She has a private practice in Blackburn, Melbourne, Australia where parents and families come to seek her advice and assistance.  Sally-Anne has recently opened up a clinical psychology practice at Cowes on Phillip Island where she practices one day per week.  She also provides Skype sessions available for those clients who are unable to attend her sessions (however these are not rebatable through Medicare – check with your private health insurer as to whether this type of counselling is available for you).

Sally-Anne has a website where you can get advice and meet other parents to chat to – visit here.

Also, please LIKE her Parents Online Facebook page here.

For Parenting Advice, please contact her below…

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