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Sally-Anne McCormack is considered to be a psychology expert, particularly when it comes to parenting or family issues.

Despite her many years of training in clinical psychology, Sally-Anne is best known for her work with children & adolescents because she was a primary school teacher (before becoming a psychologist) and has raised 4 of her own children (2 of whom are studying to be psychologists – she must have done a great job as a parent)!  😉

Sally-Anne McCormack - Speaker

To find out more about her TV program (which will be airing on Foxtel’s Aurora Channel late in 2016), please visit and LIKE her Facebook page – The “Sally-Anne” Show – or add her as a friend on her professional Facebook page – Sally-Anne McCormack.

She can also be followed on Twitter, and her TV show can be seen on Instagram.

For media enquiries, please email her at or telephone her on 0403 438 176, but please TEXT first.

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